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Groz Beckert Needle UYX128GAS UYX128GBS TVX3 (Flat Lock/ Flat Seamer Machine)

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Groz Beckert Needle UYX128GAS UYX128GBS TVX3 (Flat Lock/ Flat Seamer Machine)

Rs. 101.00 (Inclusive GST)

GROZ-BECKERT brand sewing machine needles for Flat Lock/ Flat Seamer Machine

Each order contains 10 needles/per Pack

Here are a few machine and makers these needles are compatible with:

Artisan : ZJW122
Brother : B223-501, B257, B271, B272, B277
Feiyue : GK-31016

JUKI ACF-161-981, ACF-164-1851, ACF-164-1903, ACF-186, ACF-286, ALS-181, ALS-185, AMS-205CH, AMS-206CGL, AMS-206CH, AMS-210D, AMS-210, DHL-6100, AMS-210 DHL-6300, AMS-210, DHL 6350, AMS-215D, AMS-215DH, AMS-215DHL, AMS-221D, AMS-221DH, AMS-223CG, AMS-223CH, AMS-223PH, AMS-224CG, MAS-224CH, AMS-224PH, AMS-229BG, AMS-229BH, APW-117, APW-169, APW-193N , APW-196N , APW-239N , APW-242N , APW-249, APW-296, APW-298, AWE-156, DNU-1541, DNU-1541-7, DNU-241H, DNU-241H-6, DNU-241HS, DNU-261H, DSC-244, DSC-244V, DSC-245, DSC-245-4, DSC-245-7, DSC-245V-4, DSC-246, DSC-246-4, DSC-246-6, DSC-246V, DSU-144-4, DSU-144N, DU-140, DU-141-NH, DU-580, DU-1181N, LH-62 A-4-4 B, LH-515H, LH-517, LH-518, LH-527, LH-1162, LH-1182, LK-287-510, LK-981, LK-982, LK-983-559W, LK-983P, LK-515R, LK-984, LK-984P, LK-539R, LK-985P, LK-509R, LK-986-53, LK-986-1452, LK-986P , LK-514R, LK-987, LK-987-273, LK-987-500, LK-987-501, LK-987-502, LK-988, LK-989-58, LK-989-59, LK-989-427, LK-989-428, LK-990-94, LK-1850, LK-1851, LK-1900A, LK-1900A-WS, LK-1900H, LK-1920H, LK-1930H, LK-1941. PGM-7, LK-1942, LS-1340, LS-1342, LS-1342-7, LS-311, LS-321, LS-340 , LS-340V, LS-341, LS-341N LS-341N-7, LS310, LU-521, LU-526, LU-562, LU-526, LU-1114, LU-1508, LU-1510, LU-1520, LU-1521, LU-1560, LU-1565, LUH-ALL, MFM-890-N, MOL-154, MOL-203L , MOL-303L, MOL-253, MOL-503P, MOL-503L,

 Kansai Special : DLR-500, DLR-1500, DLR-1501, DLR-1502, DLR-1503, DLR-1504, DLR-1508P-SB, DLR-1508SF, DVC-200, DVC-202, DVK-1700, DVK-1701, DVK-1702, DVK-1703, DWK-1803F, DWR-1900, DWR-1903H, DWR-1903HK, L500, L5000, R9000, S6800, V803F, V7000, V8000, W803F, W8103F

Pegasus: W41, W43, W61, W63, W562, W600, W700, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Rimoldi:  164-00-33, 164-00-34, 164-00-35, 164-00-1LA39, 261-10-2LA-01, 261-10-2LD-01, 264-00-1LA-01, 264-00-1LA-39, 264-00-2LA, 264-00-3LA

Siruba: F007

Union Special: 11500, 11700, 31100, 31200, 33500, 33600, 33700, 34700DE, 34700KDE, 34700KE, 35700AL, 35700BS, 35700CL, 35700DS, 35800, 51200BC, 51200BL-7/8, 51200BM, 51300, 51500, 51700BL, 51700BU, 51900BH, 52700, 52800, 52900, 56300, 56500J, 56500R, 56900, 57700AP, 57700KL, 57700L, 57900H, 57900N, FS300

Taiko : TK800

Willcox & Gibbs: 4-480, 21-02, W41, W42, W43, W61, W62, W63, W542, W562, WS42, WS62, WS64, WT562

Yamato: DS100, DS102, DS103, DS105, DV100, DV130, DV131, DV1200, DV1205MB, DV1209MB, DV1250, DV1253, DV1255, DV1258, DV1259, DV1261, DV1262, DV1265, DV1266, DV1267, DV1290, DV1400, DV1403, DV1409, DV1411, DV1600, DV1611, DV1613, DW100, DW1000, DW1259, DW1305MD, DW1309MD, DW1350, DW1353, DW1355, DW1359, DW1366, DW1367, DW1371, DW1375, DW1376, DW1377, DW1390, DW1500, DW1503, DW1509, DW1530, DW1614, DW1640P, DW1644P, DW1700, DW1735, DW1741P, DW1742P, VC Series all classes VF Series all classes.

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